Lay Counselling Training Course 914

It should develop learners who know their scope of practice Lay Counselling Training Course Explaining the functions and scope of practice of a counsellor. Setting up an enabling counselling environment. Explaining the principles and processes of counselling. Explaining the role of values in human behaviour and counselling. Applying a counselling process in a specific context. Reflecting on the counselling process. Lay Counselling Training Course WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER LAY-COUNSELLOR AT Our elearning course? Our elearning course VOLUNTEER LAY-COUNSELLORS PROVIDE MANY OF THE COUNSELLING SERVICES OFFERED AT Our elearning course Lay Counselling Training Course Our elearning course follows a Person-Centred approach to counselling which emphasises that every individual has within themselves the capacities and abilities needed to grow towards wholeness and reach their full potential. Often Lay Counselling Training Course Participants of the Counselling Skills Course learn the finer skills of effective communication and how to create a safe Lay Counselling Training Course This is a generic skills programme for learners in a variety of counselling contexts where clients are enabled to go through the process of finding solutions to their concerns or difficulties. It is intended for learners who counsel people in a variety of situations Lay Counselling Training Course Lay Counselling Course through elearning